Sharon Marzouk

From Mind to Design. I Create New Ways to Solve Difficult Problems.

Sharon Marzouk is the Founder and CEO of, and an avid technology and robotics educator in Silicon Valley since 2010, with years of creating products, creating experiences, and teaching people of all ages.

Sharon was the Technology Teacher for Woodland School for four years and developed the Technology program for Kindergarten through 8th grade. With a passion for design thinking. She has led many robotics programs for kids, from Wizbots to being a mentor at Hack the Future. An active yearly exhibitor and presenter at Bay Area Maker Faire and the Robot Block Party. She partnered with Willow Garage to develop and lead the PR2 program at The Tech, an exhibit to teach kids how to program the $400K research robot. She plans to continue growing to encourage robotics education and provide resources, products and educational material to kids and parents.

She enjoys creating things, working with people. Sharon is constantly thinking of new ideas of how to improve products, processes, situations… almost everything in life. She loves working with her hands and learning new things, being naturally drawn to creativity and innovation.

A product designer and educator with a degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. A systematic problem solver, and through a process of interviews, observation and empathy she can find the root cause of any problem. Using cross pollination of disciplines and a bit of resourcefulness, she figures out solutions. If you have a big problem, there's a good chance she can help you solve it. Sharon tinkers in art, photography, traveling, entrepreneurship, and creating just about anything.

Specialties: product design, robotics, technology, teaching, design thinking, , entrepreneurship, Kaizen, creativity, an eye for innovation, manufacturing, industrial gases, design, art, lean manufacturing, photography, videography, tennis instructor

Open to new opportunities.

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